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Where is the development opportunity of city brightening e

The brightening of a city not only beautifies the environment, but also enriches people's lives, promotes economic prosperity and social development, and even sets up the image of the city, highlights the city's connotation and creates a noble cultural atmosphere, it is an important symbol of modern city development and service ability.

New Times, new opportunities

In recent years, with the continuous deepening of China's urbanization process, the upgrading of urban facilities, the rise of night tourism economy, cultural and tourist lights, the construction boom of featured small towns, the increase of national large-scale project activities, and the development of 5G technology and smart cities, new Development Opportunities for urban lighting in China.

1. The potential of night travel is huge, and it is a powerful force to brighten up the city.

People's night life is more than day life with lights, from the psychological point of view of the study at night, people's feelings will be more delicate and rich, and at the same time in the night play, night lights on the landscape rendering, will more arouse people's emotional resonance, through the emotional change, let a person more easily like the scenery elegant city.

2The construction of"characteristic town of ecological new town" has greatly expanded the
landscape lighting market space.

Since the concept of "beautiful China" was put forward, building a beautiful ecological new city has become the main theme of urban transformation. According to the national plan, about 1,000 special towns will be cultivated by 2020, and 403 have been approved. The average investment of a typical small town is about 5 billion, and the proportion of landscape lighting is about 2%-3% . So, the market space of landscape lighting is about 100-150 billion yuan.

3. The government takes the opportunity of large-scale project activities to invest heavily in lighting projects, especially landscape lighting Investing heavily in lighting projects Landscape lighting in particular.

For example, at the brics summit in Xiamen, Xiamen invested 3 billion yuan to upgrade urban landscape roads, and at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, 172 landscape lighting projects were invested with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan. It is reported that in the next few years, the national-level large-scale activities are still closely arranged, the government activities brought about by the city bright demand undiminished.

4. The market for smart streetlights is driven by advances in The City Rises and 5G technology.

According to relevant data, the Global Smart Street lamp market reached 3.84 billion yuan in 2017, and the Chinese market reached 790 million yuan. The Global Smart Street lamp market is expected to exceed 16 billion yuan in 2022, with a compound growth rate of 33.2 percent, china's market size exceeded 4 billion yuan, a compound annual growth rate of 39% .

With the advent of the literary and creative lighting era, urban lighting is brewing great changes. The new era will bring new opportunities and new markets, as well as new challenges to industries and enterprises. We must keep pace with the times, understand the trend of the times and market demand, timely response measures to seize new opportunities!

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