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China Business Industry Research Institute: report on market development prospect and investment of lighting industry in 2020
China business intelligence network news: landscape lighting industry rose in the late 1980s. With the growing prosperity of urban construction and the vigorous development of night tourism economy, landscape lighting industry ushered in a period of vigorous development. In order to better understand the development of landscape lighting industry in China, China Business Industry Research Institute has launched the Research Report on market development prospect and investment of landscape lighting industry in 2020. The report analyzes the landscape lighting industry in China from five aspects: the general situation of landscape lighting, driving factors of landscape lighting industry, current situation of landscape lighting industry, key enterprises of landscape lighting industry and development prospect of landscape lighting industry, providing reference information for practitioners and enthusiasts of landscape lighting industry. Details of the report are as follows:
Part1: general situation of landscape lighting landscape lighting refers to outdoor decorative lighting designed in various light sources for the purpose of beautifying urban landscape and conducting commercial advertisements in urban roads, public squares, buildings, commercial streets, landscaping, landscape sculpture, bridge waterscape and other areas and places. Landscape lighting is the extension and creation of functional lighting. Compared with functional lighting, landscape lighting focuses more on art and decoration.
Part2: over the years, the State Council, ministries and local governments have issued a series of industrial plans and policies to optimize the industrial development environment, promote the innovation and upgrading of landscape lighting technology, and greatly promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.
Part3: analysis of the development status of landscape lighting industry with the promotion of local policies and night tourism economy, the market scale of landscape lighting engineering is constantly improving. According to the statistics of China lighting network and China procurement and bidding network, the number of landscape lighting project bidding information increased from 2378 in 2015 to 4873 in 2018, showing a trend of annual growth.
Part4: analysis of key enterprises in landscape lighting industry this chapter focuses on the introduction of mingjiahui, haoersai, Roman shares, ecklet, Grand Canyon lighting system, Galaxy lighting, Yongdian lighting, Jingri technology, leifei lighting.
Part5: the development prospect of landscape lighting industry landscape lighting is an important project to enhance the vitality of the city, and it can also show the unique historical culture and cultural customs of the city. Driven by relevant national policies, landscape lighting market demand is still in a rapid growth state in the next few years. It is estimated that the scale of China's landscape lighting market will exceed 170 billion yuan in 2023.

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